Tips and Tricks on how to learn faster from your mistakes

Mistakes. We all make them. On the job it can really impact your timelines and the quality of your work.

This article include 4 do’s and 1 don’t on how to get better, quicker. I detailed how I broke down my latest project and tackled the issues that held me back. I hope this specific example can help you improve and to avoid pitfalls for your own work.

My projects generally involve software, but these principles should work for any type of project. You can do this by yourself…

To Improve You, Your Team and Your Product

If you’re someone on a project who wants the project to run smoother, this article is for you. You can be a software engineer (like myself), a team lead or someone made in charge of a project’s success. Here are 5 things that’s contributed to the success of my latest software project going live.

This article is specific to software releases, but it is easy to apply the concepts here to other types of projects and other kinds of teams.

1. Write up a “Lessons Learned” (a.k.a. Postmortem)

Why do it?

Julia Yang

I’m a full-time Software Engineer working for a global tech company. I want to share the things I’m learning; hopefully, it will help those in my field.

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